Friends of the Theatre

As a local theatre group entirely run by volunteers, we rely on help and support from our friends who give us that little bit more support and assitance.


Patron Members

Dunstable Rep Patrons are committed to the Theatre’s vision for its future and are helping us to achieve it today.
By becoming a Patron, you will be contributing to the growing success of Dunstable Rep Theatre.
Our Patrons donate more than the standard membership fee to help support the theatre.
Patron membership will bring you closer to the theatre while helping us achieve our aims of creating ambitious and challenging quality theatre on your doorstep.

Our Patrons are:
  • Bob Adams
  • Alistair Brown
  • Roy Chatto
  • Trevor Utting


Inspire Craft

A great friend of the theatre is Paul Rogers who runs the local business, Inspire Craft.
He creates much of the artwork that we need throughout the year, and we are always grateful for all he does for us.

Rosalind White Photography

Ros is a professional local photographer, and regularly takes photographs of our various events and productions at the theatre. Many of the photos on this website were taken by Ros