What Happens Backstage?

Major backstage roles include lighting, sound, costumes & props, set design & construction and stage management. Read about what each role involves. Staging a play is not just about casting and directing that cast in rehearsals. The play simply cannot be performed unless the vital team 'behind the scenes' or 'front of house' are in place.

Stage Manager (SM)

Stage Manager

Our Stage Managers have a very important role. The SM is responsible for everything that happens on-stage or backstage during the run of a production. The SM is often responsible for the moving of scenery and set and for ensuring that the cast are in place.

Assistant SM (ASM)

The ASM works very closely with the Stage Manager to operate the play.

Lighting Designer

Lights on the stage

The Lighting Designer works with the Director to create the lighting effects for the play. The lighting designer needs to know how to rig the lights, design the effects and programme the lighting desk. We are lucky to have highly experienced lighting technicians but we are always anxious to encourage others to join the lighting director, assist in working on the lighting of a play and gain experience.

Sound Designer

The Sound Designer works with our Director to create the sound effects (SFX) for our productions. The sound designer acquires, combines and edits SFX for our plays. We are lucky to have highly experienced SFX designers but we are always anxious to encourage others to join the SFX team and gain experience.

Seating in our 99 seater auditorium

Stage crew/set build team

Our stage crew, work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings to build our sets. However, do not panic. They do not all work all those days. The team works with the Director to design the set and is responsible for construction. Our team is invaluable and create some wonderful sets. So ladies and gents if you have some spare time, a power tool or two and reasonable DIY skills then we would love you to come along and join our team.

Property Assistant

Our Props Assistant sources and provides props as required for each show and keeps track of them during the run. An ideal job for an organised person. The Rep have a props store but sometimes the odd item needs to be bought or made! If you have an artistic streak and would like to be part of the team on a play this job may be right up your street!

Lights in one of the dressing rooms

Costume Assistant

The Costume Assistant sources and provides costumes for each play. The Rep have a costume store and can provide many of the costumes needed but our Costume Assistant may need to hire or alter costumes.


The prompt follows the script during all rehearsals and the performances and prompts cast where lines have been incorrectly said or forgotten. The prompt needs to be available to attend rehearsals for 2-3 weeks before the run of the play and during the production in order to learn acting habits of cast.

To find out more or volunteer to help with the backstage roles, contact:
Technical Manager, Bob Adams at tech@littletheatre.org.uk