Dead Guilty

Written by Richard Harris

Directed by Alex Brewer

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Performances were 19 - 27 November 2021
Auditions are 2 September 2021
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A tense psychological study of guilt and obsession

When a man named John dies at the wheel of his car next to a woman that is not his wife called Julia, we follow Julia's recovery of the injuries she sustained as she meets John's widow, Margaret, and forms a peculiar friendship.
But what exactly does Margaret want; what is Julia's problem; and what has the friendly neighbour got to do with it?

A tense psychological study of guilt and obsession by the author of The Business of Murder, Dead Guilty concerns an attractive young graphic artist whose leg is badly injured in a car crash that occurred when a business associate suffered a fatal heart attack at the wheel.
Housebound and depressed, Julia is tormented when things disappear over night. While a kindly counselor contends with Julia's suicidal tendencies and an overly friendly handyman helps around the house, the excessively solicitous widow invades Julia's life.
Suspense builds as the question becomes whether the affair Julia was enjoying with her now dead colleague will cost her her own life.


Julia - Hayley Vaughan
Andrew - Anthony Bird
Gary - Adam Butcher
Margaret - Tracey Chatterley

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Dead Guilty

Written by Richard Harris
Directed by Alex Brewer
19 - 27 November 2021

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