Ben Hur

Written by Patrick Barlow

Directed by Alan Goss

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Performances were 1 - 9 July 2022
Auditions are 21 April 2022
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Performances start at 7:45pm, go to the Visiting Us page for more information.

An irreverent remake of the epic film

They said it was unachievable! They said it couldn’t be done!

Based on one of the best-selling books of the 19th century and the Academy Award-winning film of grand proportion, comes the stage adaptation with four actors – turning Dunstable Rep Theatre into one of the most authentic versions of Ancient Rome ever seen.

The story follows an amateur theatre troupe as they produce the massive tale of the fictional Jew-ish prince and merchant Judah Ben-Hur. He falls to galley slave and rises to champion charioteer within Jerusalem during the life of Jesus Christ, while the actors struggle along through the piece as rivalries form and offstage romances interfere.

Complete with chariot race, sea battle, and stage combat, A fast paced frenetic farce, full of energy and hilarity – this production promises to be both an exciting challenge and great fun

To Be Cast

Daniel Veil
Omar Lord
Crystal Singer Edgar T Chesterfield

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Ben Hur

Written by Patrick Barlow
Directed by Alan Goss
1 - 9 July 2022

Photos of previous productions