The Little Theatre, Dunstable Rep

Happy Jack

by John Godber

For those of our audience who loved our production of September in the Rain we are bringing the wonderful Liz and Jack back to The Rep!

Written a year after September in the Rain, we encounter the same two characters addressing the audience about the biographical details of the characters they play, and then slipping into those characters. Small, lovingly detailed extracts from the couple's lives are shown from their early courtship days, through to their retirement, but not in chronological order, so we constantly weave a path through their long life together.

Happy Jack is a funny and touching play. Set in a West Yorkshire mining village, the play is inspired by John Godber’s own grandparents and follows the couple’s 60 year marriage through good times and bad.

The play weaves through the story of this ordinary working class family and retells snippets of their lives together, the love, sadness, anger, joy and conflict. Balancing humour with some tougher realities, the play highlights the lives of working miners and the terrible legacies that many of them were left with long after leaving the pits.

  • 'There’s a truthful timeless quality to this little piece of Yorkshire social history that isn’t showing its age at all’ - British Theatre Guide
  • 'Neat, touching and joyously celebratory'. - The Financial Times.


Jack — Joe Butcher

Liz — Jenna Ryder-Oliver

We are delighted to confirm that Jenna and Joe are returning to The Rep once again to play the characters of Liz and Jack who delighted our audiences in our recent production of 'September in the Rain'.

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