The Little Theatre, Dunstable Rep

Our Aims and Ethos

We provide for people of all ages interested in the enjoyment of theatre and performing arts both on and off stage. We are a very social and friendly group and we welcome all newcomers. In addition to providing acting and directing opportunities or the chance to get involved back stage with creative teams, The Rep holds regular social evenings. All members receive a monthly newsletter, a free programme and reduced ticket prices for themselves and their guests. Our Season Ticket holders have the opportunity to purchase their favourite seat for all our six plays at the beginning of the season.

Newcomers to The Rep are always surprised when they enter the building. From the outside our theatre looks like a large Victorian house. But when you enter the building you are in for a surprise! Inside visitors will find a modern, well equipped theatre housing a 99 seater raked auditorium, backstage dressing rooms, a Green Room, box office, coffee room and a large comfortable bar.

We are extremely proud of our theatre and are the envy of many other societies who have to use local school, church and community halls to present their plays. We are a quality theatre producing 6 amateur plays a year. Our programme is always chosen to provide a varying range and of plays: comedies, thrillers, dramas etc. Our facilities are also used by other local theatrical groups.

Rehearsals take place over a 6 week period on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and we perform over 8 nights. Our highly talented set build team work on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Sunday mornings building our highly praised sets. So as can be seen there is always something taking place inside our Little Theatre.